“Comme un scénario de film” : le destin de la jeune fille devenue veuve avec 5 enfants à 25 ans

Parvina Saidova’s story is like a Hollywood film. After watching it, people may say that such a thing is impossible in real life. The girl was born and brought up in Tajikistan. In that region, young girls marry the boys that their parents choose for them.

But Parvina was lucky. Her parents decided to let the daughter choose the boy she wants to be with. She chose a loving and kind man and had 5 children from him.

From 17 years old, the girl had been under her husband’s protection and was happy. Although the young man was jealous of his beautiful wife, he wanted her to study and get higher education. However, the family idyll was lost together with her husband’s life.

After this, the girl didn’t know how to live further. She was 25 with 5 children. When she was in despair, Parvina’s friends suggested her take TV courses, as her appearance was just gorgeous.

As a result, the girl was immediately noticed and offered a job. She is being filmed in TV series and other programmes. Right after her career highlights, the girl got a boyfriend who later became her second husband. She doesn’t uncover the her husband’s identity, but assures she’s happy with him.

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